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Access to Health, Green Edition, 11/E
판매가격  : 42,000원
적립금  : 1,260점
출판사  : Benjamin Cummings
저자  : Rebecca J. Donatelle
발행일  : 2010
페이지 수  : 784면
ISBN  : 9780321571120
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주문수량  :

The newly revised Access to Health, Green Edition features a student-friendly design, an environmentally conscious Green Guide, and the best student and instructor supplements package on the market, including an enhanced Teaching Tool Box with a more robust assessment program. Long known for its currency, research, and strength in behavior change for personal health students, the Green Edition of Access to Health provides a consistent framework for motivating students to make healthy life choices. The revised edition’s updated coverage includes more emphasis on assessment and behavior change boxes.


As a teacher, mentor, and researcher, Rebecca J. Donatelle knows the health issues that are important to today’s students. Through her engaging and friendly writing style, Donatelle addresses students’ concerns and teaches them how to be savvy and critical consumers of health information. Access to Health provides hands-on practical tools that help students make healthy changes in their lives.

Table of Contents

1. Promoting Healthy Behavior Change

2. Psychosocial Health: Being Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, and Spiritually Well

3. Managing Stress: Coping with Life’s Challenges

4. Violence and Abuse: Creating Healthy, Safe Environments

5. Healthy Relationships: Communicating Effectively with Friends, Family, and Significant Others

6. Sexuality: Choices in Sexual Behavior

7. Reproductive Choices: Making Responsible Decisions

8. Nutrition: Eating for Optimum Health

9. Managing Your Weight: Finding a Healthy Balance

10. Personal Fitness: Improving Health Through Exercise

11. Addictions and Addictive Behavior: Threats to Wellness

12. Drinking Responsibly: A Lifestyle Challenge on Campus

13. Tobacco and Caffeine: Daily Pleasures, Daily Challenges

14. Drugs: Use, Misuse, and Abuse

15. Cardiovascular Disease: Reducing Your Risk

16. Cancer: Reducing Your Risk

17. Infectious Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections: Risks and Responsibilities

18. Noninfectious Ailments: The Modern Maladies

19. Life’s Transitions: The Aging Process

20. Environmental Health: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

21. Savvy Health Care Consumerism: Selecting Products and Services

22. Complementary and Alternative Medicine: New Choices and Responsibilities for Healthwise Consumers


  • Engage students to read and think critically:
    • Chapter Opener questions touch on topics students are interested in, capture students’ attention and engage them in what they will be learning later in the chapter. Questions are repeated within the chapter, where answers can be found.
    • Did You Know? figures call attention to statistics that are relevant to the lives of college students in a fun and engaging format.
    • What do you think? critical thinking questions within the chapter encourage students to reflect on personal and societal issues relating to the material they have just learned.
  • A rich feature box program that helps pique students interest, highlight hot topics and currency, and provide skill-building opportunities includes:
    • Assess Yourself! and Make it Happen! boxes are combined in each chapter. The redesign of these features strengthens the connection between assessment and action in making a positive behavior change. Students are given specific ideas for setting a goal and making for change, encouraging them to follow through.
    • Skills for Behavior Change boxes give students specific strategies for making a behavior change.
    • Health in a Diverse World boxes expand discussion of health topics to diverse groups within the U.S. and around the world.
    • Health Headlines boxes highlight new discoveries and research, as well as interesting new trends in the health field.
    • Spotlight on Your Health boxes offer current data and information specific to college students about health trends, including potential risks and safety issues that affect students' lives.
    • Women's Health/Men's Health boxes help students understand unique aspects of health for both sexes.
    • Health Ethics: Conflict and Controversy boxes highlight current controversial issues in health and allow students to explore their own opinions.
  • In-text pedagogical aids include chapter-opening objectives, a marginal running glossary, and an end-of-chapter “Taking Charge” section with a chapter summary, chapter review questions, discussion and reflection questions, further readings, suggested websites, and references.
  • Appendix at the end of the book includes practical information on Injury Prevention and Emergency Care.

New To This Edition

  • NEW! “Green Edition” is written, produced, and manufactured with an emphasis on environmental responsibility.
    • Green Guide boxes in every chapter offer information on how students can make healthy and environmentally responsible choices relating to the chapter content.
    • Printed on responsible paper using soy ink, this edition was manufactured by a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified printer.
    • Printing this book in the United States helps to lower the usage of carbon-emitting ship fuel.
    • The Media Manager DVD is packaged in a new FSC certified Eco Pak that contains no plastic. It has been reduced from five CD-ROMS to one DVD, and now includes transparency masters as PDF files, eliminating the acetates entirely.

  • Assessments have been moved to the end of the chapters so they won’t break up text flow.
  • All Assess Yourself assessments now allow for automatic scoring online and are incorporated into the MyHealthLab anonymous self-assessment feature.
  • More Skills for Behavior Change boxes increase behavior change coverage and provide more practical tips for personal change.
  • The Aging chapter has been combined with the Death and Dying chapter.
  • An improved Teaching Tool Box includes new ABC News video clips, a Test Bank now incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy, improved PowerPoint® Lectures, and a new Media Manager DVD.
  • Transparency Masters are now available on the Media Manager rather than printed to stay consistent with the “Green” theme.
  • A NEW! Communities Website serves instructors by offering teaching tips and ideas, as well as a forum for peers to talk to one another about health-related issues.
  • More than 50 ABC News Videos Segments bring health and wellness topics to life. Created in partnership between ABC News and Pearson, 30 of these videos are © 2006 or newer.  Featuring a series of topics from nutrition and stress management to substance abuse, these videos help stimulate student learning and show relevance to the real world.
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제품명 Access to Health, Green Edition, 11/E
판매가격 42,000원
제조사 Benjamin Cummings
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