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Nutrition for Life: International Edition, 3/E
판매가격  : 47,000원
적립금  : 1,410점
출판사  : Pearson
저자  : Janice Thompson
발행일  : 10 Feb 2012
페이지 수  : 528면
ISBN  : 9780321799135
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Nutrition for Life capitalizes on students’ natural interest in nutrition by demonstrating how it relates directly to their health and daily lives. This book is unique among introductory texts in its presentation of nutrients based on function, rather than chemical classification. Within the vitamins and minerals chapters, micronutrients are organized by their various functions within the body (such as tissue guardians, antioxidants, energy generators, essential electrolytes, mineral power plants, blood fortifiers, bone builders), enabling students to think about them conceptually while also understanding their basic roles in the body. This discourages rote memorization and promotes fuller and more accessible understanding of each micronutrients’ importance. For those instructors who still want their students to understand the traditional chemical organization, the micronutrient chapters include detailed tables and overviews of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, and the trace and major minerals.


Beyond the functional approach, Nutrition for Life includes new applied features such as Eating Right All Day, Foods You Don’t Know You Love Yet, and end-of-chapter Cooking videos, which gives students all they need to know to put good nutrition information into action. The Third Edition also includes a Nutri-Case in each chapter plus the new MyPlate food patterns and recommendations. The art and photos have also been updated, along with a fresh interior design.



  • Game Plan boxes contain strategies for adopting new, healthier eating and lifestyle changes. These boxes appear in most chapters and provide specific tips and guidelines on how to improve diet and lifestyle choices.
  • The What About You? box is a self-assessment feature that appears in most chapters. Each box contains checklists, questionnaires, food log tables, and other formats that help students re-examine and better integrate core content.
  • Nutri-Cases are short case studies featuring five reoccurring characters, designed to  help students relate to and apply the material they learn across the text.
  • Nutrition Myth or Fact? boxes help dispel common misconceptions and teach students how to critically evaluate information they pick up from advertising, mass media, and their peers.
  • Nutrition Label Activities teach students how to read and evaluate labels from real food products so they can make educated choices about the foods they eat.
  • Highlight boxes provide further insight into popular topics that students will recognize from the media and popular culture, such as the impacts of fad diets, and the effectiveness of herbal supplements.
  • Healthwatch headings appear within the body of the text and are designed to call out content on specific health effects.
  • A brief Test Yourself quiz at the beginning of each chapter piques students’ interest in the topics to be covered by raising and dispelling common misconceptions about nutrition. The answers to these questions can be found at the end of each chapter.
  • End-of-chapter review questions allow students to assess their retention and understanding of the material they have just covered.
  • Recap paragraphs help students review what they have just read and serve as useful study tools.
  • A rich art and photo program includes high-quality, accurate images, graphs, and illustrations that help students visualize and focus on the core information they need to learn.
  • References and Web Links provide students with all of the references used in the chapter as well as related web links for further information and study.
  • Journaling activities called “Where I’m starting from…” and “Where I’m at now…” have been added to the margins at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Nutrition Label Activities have been enhanced for more interactivity and better understanding of the content.

    New To This Edition
  • Eating Right All Day visual planning feature uses an engaging breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner format to highlight content in the micro- and macronutrient chapters, with distinctive graphics and appetizing photos designed to help users get more of a particular nutrient in their diets.
  • Foods You Don’t Know You Love Yet appears throughout the text, highlighting unusual or up-and-coming foods making inroads into the American diet. Users looking for greater diversity in their food choices will find this new feature an exciting addition to cross-cultural content. Featured foods include items such as quinoa and starfruit, in addition to some more familiar foods with newly discovered nutritional benefits.
  • Recipes and Cooking content including tips, skills and equipment will be provided in the following ways:
    • New Cooking Videos, organized by chapter, covering basic skills that students can use in their daily lives will be included with the media package.
    • Cooking 101, a new feature near the end of each chapter highlighting the videos with screenshots and tie-ins to the material covered.
  • What Can I do Today?, an End-of-Chapter feature with 3 bulleted points underscores key content and spurs readers to take action.
  • Nutrition Online introduces links to various media resources including podcasts, videos, MP3s, and other web resources relevant to topics in the chapter.
  • Nutrition Milestones is a new column feature in every chapter highlighting key developments in nutrition history and emphasizing what we know and do nutritionally today.
  • Nutri-Case scenarios have been streamlined from 2 per chapter to 1.
  • References have been moved from the End-of-chapter to the back of the book.
  • Former Appendix A (Nutrient Value of Foods) has been removed as it is now a stand-alone ancillary (the Food Composition Table).
  • Vitamins/Minerals chapter content has been focused and displayed more concisely in table format, with some lesser-known nutrients removed or addressed more succinctly.
  • Organizational and pedagogical adjustments have been incorporated selectively, including in the Chapter 1 organization, the lifestyle content, and greater diversity across the text with images that include a wider range of healthy body types and sizes, and broader cultural contexts.
    Table of Contents

1. Nutrition: Making It Work for You

2. The Human Body: Are We Really What We Eat?

3. Carbohydrates: Plant-Derived Energy Nutrients

4. Fat: An Essential Energy-Supplying Nutrient

5. Proteins: Crucial Components of All Body Tissues

6. Vitamins: Micronutrients with Macro Powers

7. Minerals: Building and Moving Our Bodies

8. Fluid Balance, Water, and Alcohol

9. Achieving and Maintaining a Healthful Body Weight

10. Nutrition and Physical Activity: Keys to Good Health

11. Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle

12. Nutrition Issues: The Safety and Security of the World’s Food Supply


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제품명 Nutrition for Life: International Edition, 3/E
판매가격 47,000원
제조사 Pearson
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