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Informatics and Nursing: Opportunities and Challenges 4/E
소비자가격  : 55,000원 (5%할인)
판매가격  : 52,250원
적립금  : 1,568점
출판사  : Wolters Kluwer
저자  : Jeanne Sewell
발행일  : 2012
페이지 수  : 512면
ISBN  : 9781609136956
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This comprehensive text reviews the concepts and applications of nursing informatics. Starting with an introduction to nursing informatics, the contents proceed from Unit One which covers computer basics to Unit Five which examines skills and techniques for using the end product of informatics: data. Other units review the effects that the Internet is having on healthcare, the ins and outs of using personal productivity software, and informatics in the clinical area.

  • Windows 7 operating system (OS) and Microsoft Office 2010 are introduced in Units One and Two since they were released this year.
  • Since the students who will be using this course are more “computer savvy” than their predecessors, additional information management skills have been introduced beginning with Chapter 2. Although the book still uses Microsoft Windows as a standard (because it is still the most common OS used by healthcare agencies), there is some comparison with the Apple OS to assist Mac users to understand and see the relevance of the concepts discussed.
  • Although younger students have “grown up with computers”, most do now know what they do not know. The authors have created a skill list that identifies basic, intermediate, and advanced skills for the chapters on word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and databases. Students are challenged to learn new skills.
  • Downloadable files have been created to accompany each of the chapters on office suite software. The files can be downloaded from the textbook web site. Learners will be able to manipulate the data that they read about in the textbook. As an example, a template for the APA 6th edition has been created because citation writing style is a concept that many of today’s students have difficulty understanding and using correctly.
  • Each chapter of office suite software introduces two alternatives in addition to Microsoft Office. Google Docs was selected as a cloud computing alternative. OpenOffice.org was selected as an open source alternative. Learners are encouraged to practice skills. Learners with intermediate skills are encouraged to practice skills on two or more platforms.
  • In Units Four, Five and Six – there is increased emphasis on data security, confidentiality, and disaster recovery. HIPAA issues, and the implications of the HITECH Act have been threaded throughout the chapters in these three units. These three units also reflect changes coordinated by the ONC. Chapter 18 on Electronic Healthcare Systems now includes a full discussion of concepts related to business continuity planning and disaster recovery.
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    판매가격 52,250원
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